We carefully follow every phase, from the olive tree to your table

In the world of quality oils, what truly sets us apart is our continuous pursuit of excellence. We don't limit ourselves to working with fixed suppliers, every year we are committed to searching for the best producers, selecting only those who offer the highest quality oils. This allows us to guarantee our customers always fresh and superior products, adapting to the best vintages and new discoveries in the sector.

A controlled and certified supply chain

Each of our products follows a carefully controlled supply chain from the first steps up to delivery to the customer's home. Our attention begins in the mills where we select the best oils for each olive oil campaign, through processing, packaging and distribution. Each phase of the production process is subject to rigorous controls and analyzes to guarantee maximum quality and safety.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

In addition to organic certification, we also hold ISO 9001:2015 certification for our quality management system. This certification certifies that our production processes comply with international quality standards, guaranteeing continuous improvement and constant customer satisfaction. Thanks to this commitment, we can ensure that every bottle of oil that arrives on your table is the result of a meticulous and highly controlled process.

We are always by your side

Our company stands out for the attention and care it reserves for each customer. We firmly believe that high quality, personalized service is essential to meeting your needs. For this reason, each customer is followed personally by a carefully selected door-to-door sales agent and a telemarketing network. These professionals are always available for any need and ready to answer any question, offering a direct and personal relationship.

Constant presence on social networks

Being always by your side also means being present where you are. For this reason, we are active on all the main social networks. On these platforms, we constantly post informative articles, special offers and updates about our products. Additionally, our social channels are a place where you can interact directly with us, sending questions, comments and feedback. We are always available to respond and dialogue with you, creating a dynamic and interactive community.

We have always shipped throughout Italy and abroad

Our commitment to guaranteeing you excellent service does not stop at the quality of our products, but also extends to our efficient home delivery service. We are proud to offer a widespread and reliable shipping system that covers the entire Italian territory and also reaches abroad, ensuring that our products always arrive fresh and on time.

Deliveries in Italy: A personalized and free service

For purchases over €75, we offer free delivery throughout Italy through our network of dedicated couriers. This service is carefully coordinated with our door-to-door sales agents and our telemarketing team to ensure maximum efficiency. This approach allows us to optimize timing and offer a precise and reliable service.

Our couriers don't just deliver the goods to your front door. They offer a complete service, bringing the products directly into the home or leaving them in the places indicated by the customer, based on your preferences and needs. This level of service sets us apart and ensures that every delivery is convenient and stress-free for our customers.

International shipments and via external couriers

In addition to our courier network, we can make shipments at any time, even outside of scheduled agent visits, thanks to collaboration with trusted external couriers. This allows us to respond quickly to every request and to ship our products not only in Italy, but also abroad, always maintaining high standards of quality and punctuality.